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Training  Overview

The Advanced Project Management equips managers with principles and the know-how of completing projects on time, within budget and while meeting expectations. The training offer a practical, step-by-step approach to managing a project over its entire life cycle – from inception to close out

This training also gives project managers the knowledge and skills necessary to successfully manage increasingly complex project issues to meet desired goals and objectives.

Assuming a mastery of project planning, this workshop extends skills to the remaining project management processes covering areas such as avoiding mistakes when executing and controlling a project, dealing with evolving stakeholder expectations, using trend analysis to measure project performance and improving project outcomes

Who Should Attend

This training is specially designed for:

Software developers moving into a team leader or project management role. Software project managers who want to move from traditional approaches to agile processes. Software project managers preparing a PMP certification. Experienced project managers with little or no experience in software development.

Prerequisites: Some practical experience of software development projects

Training Objectives

By the end of this workshop participants will be able to:

  • Identify key stakeholders, assess project feasibility, and solicit authorisation.
  • Communicate weekly tasks that are scheduled for completion with a focus on critical tasks.
  • Update plan components, manage team and stakeholder expectations, and communicate progress and status consistently and predictably.
  • Manage cost, scope, time, risk, quality, and project change according to a set of processes.
  • Use project metrics and process documentation to learn how to manage projects better.
  • Analyze projects and the project management process continually.



1.Project Selection and Initiation

  •  Initiating projects.
  •  When do projects start? Defining the project life cycle.
  •  Tips for defining the start of a project.
  •  Considerations for initiating projects.
  •  Key elements of the initiating process.
  •  Guidelines for project initiation.

2.Project Execution Methodology

  •  Starting project work.
  •  Getting work done.
  •  Capturing progress and status.
  •  Forecasting future work.


3.Project Variance and Control

  •  Performance metrics.
  •  Understanding what causes variance.
  •  Taking corrective action to overcome variance.
  •  Managing change, quality, and risk.

4.Project Closure and Learning

  •  The challenge of project closure.
  •  When and how to learn from projects.
  •  Project closure reporting and archiving process.

Trainer : Spectracentre Trainer Team

Tanggal Training

Kamis - Sabtu , 26 Desember 2019 - 28 Desember 2019





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