Kegiatan yang diselenggarakan spectra bagus, pembicara menguasai materi, dan materi yang disampaikan lengkap, sehingga dapat menjadi bahan rujukan (General Affairs Professional Program, , , PT. Lintasarta Medan)
materi disajikan sedemikian rupa yang memudahkan peserta memahami isinya plus dilampiri oleh contoh-contoh real document sehingga lebih jelas gambarannya (Export-Import Procedure, , , PT. Great Giant Pineappel)
Bagus dan dapat menambah wawasan dalam mempelajari makro ekonomi analisis (Macro Economic Analisyis, , , PT. Bank Jatim)
Sangat baik, materi yang diajarkan cukup jelas dan pelaksanaan trainingnya sangat bagus (Practical Budgeting Technique & Cost Control, , , PT. Multi Global Mitra Sejahtera)
memuaskan, trainer sangat membantu dalam pemahaman materi. Materi pelatihan sangat membantu saya dalam pekerjaan yang saya lakukan, karena materi bias langsung saya implementasikan ke dalam pekerjaan saya (Powerful Database Analysis and Dashboard Reporting With Excel 2007 & 2010, , , PT. AJB Bumiputera 1912)
Saya puas dan merasa training ini cukup informatiff dan edukatif (Penyusunan Standar Operating Procedure, , , PT. Bank Sinarmas Tbk)
Pelaksanaan dan materi pelatihan sudah baik dan sangat membantu tim rekrutmen dalam melakukan pekerjaannya untuk menyeleksi kandidat dengan baik dan meng-hired orang yang tepat untuk suatu posisi tertentu (Behavior Event Intervew Technique For Recruitment and Promotion, , , PT. Sayap Mas Utama)
Secara keseluruhan kegiatan ini sangat baik dan memuaskan membantu saya dalam penerapan dipekerjaan saya sehari-hari (Analisa Laporan Keuangan, , , PT. Angkasa Pura II)
Pelatihan ini sangat membantu saya dalam melakukan pekerjaan dan saya ingin segera mempraktekkan di dalam pekerjaan (Recruitment & Selection Based On Competency, , , BPK PENABUR)
Memberikan ilmu baru dan pengetahuan untuk aplikasi pekerjaan terutama dalam bisnis plan perusahaan (Penyiapan Rencana Jangka Panjang Perusahaan & Rencana Kerja dan Anggaran Perusahaan (RJPP dan RKAP), , , AJB BUmiputera 1912)
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CERTIFIED MARKETING ANALYST (CMA) " International Charter and Certification "
Jakarta, 17 January 2018 - 19 January 2018

Including : Souvenir, Flash disk, materi hand-out dan CD modul, 2x coffee break, makan siang dan sertifikat

Investasi : Rp 12.500.000,-/peserta ( Belum termasuk PPN 10% )

Lokasi : Amaris La Codefin - Kemang, Jl. Kemang 1 No. 3 - 5 Jakarta 12780 - INDONESIA


Duration : 3 Days ( 08.30 – 17.00 WIB )

The training is designed for those who manages or interacts with market, and suitable for new professional to the field or an experienced professional as well, this training program will give the participants a deeper understanding of the marketing research process and market strategizing.


Successful marketing requires a commitment to understand and satisfy customers. Many products “flop” because the company failed to adequately understand the desires or requirements or constraints of the people who will actually be using the product. For example, Motorola designed a cellular phone with world wide capabilities, but which couldn’t be used inside buildings or cars – the two places phones are most likely to be needed or wanted. Thus, much of this course will be devoted to understanding consumers better: measuring their preferences, understanding how those preferences are formed, and understanding whether products or services are satisfying both stated and unstated preferences.

This course provides a comprehensive introduction to marketing research, and discusses key concepts, processes, and techniques, as well as their applications.

Participants gain an appreciation for the breadth and depth of the subject and its significance for a business enterprise, whether a start-up or an established company. Besides an overview of marketing research, the course covers research design, including qualitative and quantitative data, and quantitative methods used for analyzing research data to make decisions.

This marketing course is intended for participants who want to increase their knowledge of aspects that affect consumer behavior, and of theories and methods for advanced analysis of consumer markets. The final modules of this course focus on advanced market analysis and development of decision making skills.


  • Develop effective market strategy based on thorough anlysis regarding customer behaviour, consumer market and thorough market analysis
  • Learn how to recognize situations that require market research
  • Gain an understanding of the research designs that could be used to address specific business issues
  • Broaden Participants understanding of critical researchtechniques and good research practices
  • Develop practical skills you can use to establish samplingplans, design questionnaires, and analyze research studies for optimum results in Market Analysis



1. Perspectives on Strategy

This module highlights key challenges facing contemporary firms in a globalized world. The Participants will gain an interdisciplinary understanding of the business context and the intertwined nature of its events and processes, and covers subjects as:

2. Compare theoretical perspectives on management, entrepreneurship, and marketing strategies.

  • Propose solutions to cope with internal and external strategic challenges and complexities.
  • Propose appropriate strategies to meet key dilemmas of innovation, relating to product, process, organization, marketing and business models.
  • Critically reflect upon the consequences of strategic choices and assess the need for further knowledge and skills

3. Consumer Behavior,

For companies to attain commercial success, it is important that managers understand consumer behavior. This course module, therefore, highlights the internal processes that occur within consumers ? minds and how knowledge of these processes can be useful for choosing marketing strategies, this module of training describes subjects such as:

  • identify and analyze the internal processes related to consumer behavior,
  • establish and analyze how consumer behavior (models) can be useful in choosing marketing strategies
  • develop and formulate marketing strategies based upon analyses of consumer behavior and assessment of the role of consumption in society.
  • criticall

4. Consumer and Market Analysis

While the core principle of marketing is simple “make profit by meeting a need of a customer”, translating this principle into a set of strategic and operational decisions is far more complex. This module is designed to provide the participants with the concepts and tools to handle this complexity and to offer them the opportunity to actually formulate and implement marketing strategies in a competitive environment over several periods, and this covers subject such as:

  • Evaluate the role and contribution of marketing decisions to the overall firm’s strategy and performance
  • Assess and integrate customer, competitor and market information provided in marketing research studies
  • Strategically align the segmentation, positioning, R&D and resource allocation decisions
  • Design and implement marketing strategies in a dynamic and competitive environment

5. Strategizing- planning and processes

This module describes the process for designing the future strategies for the business or business area. It is acknowledgeable that the environment, the opportunities and the plans change over time, but consider strategic plans and programs an important tool in aiding the marketing manager to make sense of environmental and organizational dynamics, the module covers subject such as:

  • To demonstrate analytical and integrative skills in solving advanced tasks within strategic marketing;
  • To Apply acquired knowledge and understanding from this module as well as from previous courses to design a marketing plan within given timeframes.
  • To Work effectively independently, in teams, and with external organizations.
  • Orally and in writing for stakeholders, present analyses, ideas and marketing plan developed and/or drawn by the team or individually.
  • To Evaluate own competence and own need for competence development in order to work with strategic marketing.

6. The Basic of Market Research

This module of training provides to the Participants basic comprehensive knowledge on marketing research and covers the subjects such as:

  • Introduction, Evolution and Emerging Issues of Market Research
  • Primary and secondary research
  • The Marketing Research Process, Research Methods and Design
  • Research objectives
  • Research design
  • Content
  • An introduction to research methodologies

7. Designing a Research Project: The Tools of Market Research

This training module provides to the Participants with the capability to design a market research, and guiding the participants in using the technique and tools to generate realible market research, and this cover subjects such as:

  • Introduction to qualitative research
  • Introduction to quantitative research
  • Introduction to sampling and interviewing
  • An introduction to questionnaire design

8. Completing a Reasearch Project

This training module shall describe to the Participants steps and procedures in completing a research project, and the module covers the subjects such as:

  • Turning data into findings
  • Reporting and communicating findings
  • Professional development and the market research industry

9. Cases

This part of the training shall divulge and highlight to the participants practical and particular cases related to the subject of Market .

10. Examination 50 Question by Multiple Choice ( 2 Hours ) – Certification License

Trainer : Spectracentre Trainer Team

Form Pendaftaran
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  • Untuk jadwal tanggal pelaksanaan Public Training bisa berubah dikarenakan disesuaikan dengan jadwal trainer dan kondisi jumlah peserta / kuota, Mohon di konfirmasi ke Bagian Marketing Spectra Centre
  • Minimum Running 4 Peserta / Topic / Public Workshop ( Lokasi Jakarta )
  • Minimum Running 5 Peserta / Topic / Public Workshop ( Lokasi Luar Jakarta )
  • Untuk Investasi training sewaktu – waktu bisa berubah, mohon dikonfirmasi ke marketing / sales spectra centre. ( Diskon / Early Bird ), bila pengiriman lebih dari 2 peserta / Group.
  • Untuk Kebutuhan Selain Public Training, Pelaksanaan Project bisa disesuaikan dengan jadwal / agenda Anda, Mohon di Informasikan ke Bagian Marketing Spectra Centre.
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