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Purchasing is at the heart of the supply chain function as the purchasing department can spend up to 70% of a company's money. In this course, we will explore the strategic role of the purchasing function and how this department can contribute to the entire organization. Supplier evaluation and negotiation will be discussed to maximize the contribution of the purchasing department. Furthermore, the latest innovative techniques for continuous improvement at the purchasing department will be explored.

The world recognized American Academy of Project  Management®(AAPM) awards the certification and accreditation for this program. A formal professional designation will be provided by the AAPM® in recognition of successful completion of the course, along with the status as fellow member of the Academy, and on the satisfactory completion of the course, the participant   will be entitled to use the designation CIPP Certified International Purchasing  Professional – on your business cards.


As a keen financial professional looking to constantly enhance it is necessary  to participate in the CIPP  program that will provide   unique but essential international purchasing  skills while providing a valuable qualification that  can be used in the market place–Board Certification & Accreditation in International Purchasing.


After the completion of the course the participants should have gaineed such as the followings:

  • Identify the important organizational role of the purchasing departmentUse proper negotiation techniques with suppliers
    • Evaluate the performance of the department at the macro level
    • Decide how to choose the best suppliers for their operations
    • Apply the latest innovative purchasing techniques for the 21st Century  
    • Gain an in-depth knowledge and concepts related to purchasing
    • Perform the purchasing functions effectively in their organizations
    • Use the tools and techniques needed to develop innovative new approaches to purchasing
    • Management and excel in an environment of global competition.
    • Handle contract management, conduct effective negotiation skills and to appraise and short-list

suppliers effectively

  • Gain an International qualification and recognition in the area of purchasing

Target Audience

Senior buyers, purchasing supervisors, purchasing managers and other supply chain personnel.


3 Days


Course Contents and Descriptions


Module 1: Strategic Purchasing

· Effective Negotiation

· Developing Contracts

· Measuring Purchasing Performance

· Managing Purchasing and Supply Relationship

· Purchasing Context

Module 2: Strategic Purchasing and Supply Management

· Management in the Purchasing Function

· Risk Management and Supply Chain Vulnerability

· Improving Supply Chain Performance

· Marketers for Purchasers

· Storage and Distribution

Module 3: Leadership Management

· Leading and Influencing in Purchasing

· Supply Chain Management

.  Legal Aspects

· Finance for Purchasing

Case Study:

The participants will br involved in the discussion and problem solution finding as related to the subject of topics in the training.


Trainer : Spectracentre Trainer Team

Tanggal Training

Rabu - Jum'at , 27 November 2019 - 29 November 2019




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