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Terms of Training Participant :

Having a business and get already minimum 10 years operational

Having minimum 10 employee

Minimum revenue IDR 100 Million / month


The most importance business person  in the business operation is a  CEO

The most important business person in family is his parents.

The most important person in the War Forces is the General.

The most important person in the class is the Teacher.                                       

They are the control Holders, dicission maker front guard


Description of Training

CEO Class is a workshop Hardskill forscale up business to out of the zona Small and Middle Business Area ( UMKM ) .  This Workshop will deliver in 3 Days, a serries that will change many tinks in the particiant business road map, here you will experience a very extraordinary transformation …

In this workshop, you don”t know on line or off line business this is not the business, this is for The CEO.  When the CEO need neccesesary knowledge scale up only in the months, in this work shop you will be tough how to work as a person as a CEO.


You will learning :

  1. Became architeque and to build Business Framework for your generally your own business
  2. Steps recruiting and a fostering a class a loyal and became 100% agressive team struggling to grow your business.
  3. How to find the best product to offer and selling in your own business.
  4. How to blow up sales in acheap but in Ultra Effective Way. Combination of offer that will not a reject by , Viral Marketing. Growth hacking, Guerilla Marketing and in a Digital Marketing
  5. To use simple technology to automate and optimized your business.
  6. How to used system copywriting for your website, social media, and email blast that hypnotise your audience.
  7. Scale up system you to get bigger free cash, The business that matter is not the asset, but the cash and freecharge. That is really the most interial
  8. Module physical training to get your  Setup Business
  9. Networking and cooneting by othe CEO, to arranged your business link.
  10. Building effective in work patterns for CEO :
  • Build a Very Militan, strong and going extra miles team
  • Bego Branding. How to Design a great product
  • Growth hacking formula. Low budget high impact strategy
  • Utilize technology for business progress
  • How to make an offer that will not be rejected
  • How to provide service to customer very well
  • How to increase repeat order from your loyal customer

Trainer : Spectracentre Trainer Team

Tanggal Training

Selasa - Kamis , 29 Oktober 2019 - 31 Oktober 2019




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